20.000 Lieux sur les mers




seventh edition
18 – 19 may 2024
Martigny, Valais, Switzerland




In view of the weather conditions of recent weeks and the forecasts announced for the coming days, the decision was made to cancel this edition’s NAUTILUS event!
Indeed, given the experience of past editions with low degrees in the air, we do not want to put the crews at risk by having them ride, tired, without the slightest degree being displayed on the thermometer.
An e-mail will be sent quickly to the registrants concerned.
Thank you for your understanding!

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An event

FIM – World Touring Challenge 2024

Significant changes to the regulations


A team can be formed from 2 vehicles, there is no longer a maximum number of participants per team.


A relay point is now planned in the Sion region.


A new event, Aronnax, is now available on a 10-hour day (Saturday or Sunday).

Presentation of the challenge

The challenge tempts you ? Don’t hesitate anymore!

20.000 Lieux sur les mers’s :

Hours of challenge

Places to cross

Round trips

meters to accumulate

But also


A motorcycle challenge 100% valaisan


A unique team challenge


Departure and arrival in Martigny

Basic technical inspection on site

Patrols followed by GPS

Catering on site

Our sponsor

3 possibilities of participation

The Nautilus

Endurance challenge over 20 hours

The Abraham Lincoln

Challenge spread over 2 days in 2x 10 hours. The team must make 5 round trips a day


Event spread over 1 day of 10 hours The team must make 5 round trips